Our Nigeria Bookkeeping Services

Business Cardinal offers general bookkeeping services targeted at discerning entrepreneurs, small businesses and Medium businesses. We understand that many entrepreneurs in dire need of a clear co-ordination in their business finances often think that such professional service is prohibitive. We are therefore positioned to bridge the gap between such businesses and professionally prepared books of accounts.

On the other hand, many businesses do not usually have enough work to keep a full-time in-house bookkeeper busy every day. A part time, qualified bookkeeper is often the best option, delivering significant personnel cost savings to the business owner. That is where Business Cardinal comes in.

Our Bookkeeping Services are focused at reducing the finance and accounting costs of our clients by helping them with their management, accounting and tax preparation needs. Business Cardinal’s personalized and professional online bookkeeping services cover the entire scope of bookkeeping and customers have the flexibility to choose what they require. We function just as customers’ virtual back office for all their bookkeeping and accounting work right from set-up, support, maintenance and consultancy with accounting.

Types of Bookkeeping Services we OFFER

By outsourcing bookkeeping services to Business Cardinal, you can benefit from the cost advantages of our customized bookkeeping services

Our bookkeeping services include:

  • Creation of financial transaction databases
  • Accounts receivable, including customer invoicing, collections, and payment posting
  • Accounts payable, including vendor bill coding, approval, and payment
  • Payroll posting
  • Payroll processing via partnership with Gusto
  • Management and payment of accounts
  • Checking reporting for accuracy
  • Reporting irregularities in data management
  • Producing balance sheets
  • Creation of income statements
  • Bank reconciliations
  • Credit card postings and reconciliations
  • Employee expense reports
  • Sales tax filing and payment
  • Fixed assets accounting
  • Monthly financial statements
  • Accounts receivable services
  • Accounts payable services
  • Bank account reconciliation
  • Invoicing Processing Services
  • Manual Journal Entry Services
  • VAT returns
  • Accounting Setup Services
  • General ledger maintenance
  • Assets / equipment ledger maintenance
  • Expenses ledger maintenance
  • Preparing accounts receivable reports
  • Preparing accounts payable reports
  • Preparing ageing reports & summaries
  • Credit card reconciliation services
  • Preparing financial statements
  • Trial balance services
  • Preparing income statements (Profit & Loss)
  • Balance sheet services
  • Preparing sales reports
  • Preparing purchase reports
  • Cash flow statement
  • Entry of transactions
  • Inventory services
  • Accounting setup services
  • Day-to-day bookkeeping and accounting
  • Books balanced and reconciled quarterly
  • Management accounts produced quarterly
  • Annual accounts and tax returns preparation
  • Submission to Inland Revenue
  • Submitted to Companies House
  • Expert tax advice to minimize tax liability
  • Adjustments to year-end accounts
  • Storage of documents at our offices


At Business Cardinal, we specialize in providing the best online bookkeeping services for small business owners across Nigeria. You’re going to love your new team: Our virtual bookkeeping services free you from your accounting headaches and give you one-on-one support to help you master your finances.


Here are just a few of the qualities that make our services stand out from other online accountants and bookkeeping websites:

Certified Bookkeepers

You’ll get a certified bookkeeper or virtual accountant to support your business. Our daily correspondences also makes it easy to track bookkeeper tasks, chat instantly, and download reports.


No Outsourcing

Most of our bookkeeping team is located at our headquarters in Lagos, Nigeria. We do not re-outsource bookkeeping management services to any other firms. That means that your team is accessible, and trained to support you.


Business Bank Reconciliations

We record all transactions from your bank account into Excel or an accounting software so that your business has a firm grasp on current cash positions.

Accounts Receivable

We can manage all of your invoicing and customer interactions so that you get paid on time for your work. Our job is to shorten your cash cycle and provide exceptional customer service.

Accounts Payable

When the bills come in, we organize and record them in preparation for a payment run. We can then process payments to your vendors, making your life and cash flow easier to manage.


We help bring technical and various industry experience to bear and aid corporations & entities in transforming their bookkeeping functions. Business Cardinal is your go to meet organization for your bookkeeping services because:


  • Time

Do you spend countless hours trying to make sense of your spreadsheets and receipt or worse, just avoid it altogether?

Understandably, maintaining accurate financial records may fall to the bottom of your to-do list. So, if fumbling through calculating your own cash flow isn’t why you started your business, then outsourcing your bookkeeping can free up valuable time that can be put into growing your company. This will also enable the entity focus on other parts of the organization


  • Accuracy

Have financial mistakes cost you money? Would you rather do literally anything else?

Outsourcing your bookkeeping to Business Cardinal provides you full-time accounting knowledge. This is because when you put your books into the hands of an experienced professional, your job becomes a whole lot easier, effective and efficient.


  • Expertise

Are your books managed by more than one person? Are you confident that they are qualified to do them accurately?

Those hours you or someone else less qualified spend managing receivables and accounts payable, preparing tax documents and creating budgets? So, if you don’t have a bookkeeper, you are the bookkeeper –but your time is too valuable for you to be able to afford your own hourly rate

At Business Cardinal, we have the expertise and skills of over 15 years for your bookkeeping needs


  • Save more time

Our solution helps you save time on chasing payments and helps you get paid faster. This will enable the client to focus on more important needs.


  • Grow your revenue

Easily grow your revenue. With Business Cardinal, staying on top of your business financing has never been easier. We will aid you in providing adequate reports and estimates that will aid in applying various measures which will grow the revenue


  • Reduce Costs

It may seem counterintuitive, but you can actually save money by using Business Cardinal bookkeeping services. If you (or an employee) devote time to keeping the books, it’s taking you away from other important tasks — and could be costing your business money. By hiring Business Cardinal to tackle these financial tasks, you free up more time to focus on other aspects of your business. Additionally, you’ll save money outsourcing as opposed to hiring an in-house bookkeeper. At Business Cardinal, we have cheap and cost effective bookkeeping packages for all clients irrespective of the size of the organization.


  • Know Where Your Business Stands

Business Cardinal can help you understand your current cash flow. That is, what’s going in and what’s coming out. You can use this intel to determine where you can reduce costs, make changes, or otherwise improve your business for the future.

  • Make Important Business Decisions

Thinking about expanding your business or making another big change? Business Cardinal can provide you with the reports and insights you need to make these business decisions.

  • Be Ready For Tax Time

Whether it’s quarterly or annual, filing taxes can be a pain. Not only our bookkeeping service help you file your returns, but they also keep your financial documentation organized in the event of a tax audit. The taxation covers PAYE, CIT,VAT,WHT and other levies


  • Get Paid On Time

Do you forget to send out invoices right away? Are you too busy to evaluate who still owes you money to send out reminders? Business Cardinal bookkeeping service can help you get paid on time by invoicing clients, sending out payment reminders, and setting up recurring payments.



  • Sending us your source documents

To send us the documents, you can either scan the documents and upload them to a secure FTP server or fax the documents to our email. You can send us your source documents through four ways. You can scan the documents and upload it to a secure server or e-mail the documents to our mail box. You can also place it in your computer, so that we can access it remotely


  • Updating Your Books

At Business Cardinal, we can update your books by the same night. At this stage, we will require you to provide a backup copy of your books. This can be carried out by using QuickBooks back up and other accounting software

  • Sending you the updated books

In the final stage, we will send the updated books to your e-mail address or load the updated books on to a secure server. This will be sent to you the previous night, so you can download the updated books from the server to your computer in the morning

  • Connecting securely to your computer through internet

In the second stage, we will connect to your computer by using a remote desktop access service, such as, Secure VPN

  • Delivery of Your Updated Books

You can login to the online accounting software at any time to see the updated books


FAQ About Business Cardinal Bookkeeping Services

You might have some questions before you switch your company over to our bookkeeping and virtual accounting services. Feel free to contact us and ask as many questions as you like: We’re happy to help.

Here are answers to the most common questions we get asked about our bookkeeping services:

What Is Bookkeeping?

Bookkeeping is much the same as traditional bookkeeping: It’s the process of maintaining your financial records. But with our online accounting services, all of this work can take place in one virtual location, making it more convenient and allowing you to take advantage of expertise not found where your business is.

Is This Only for Small Businesses?

No. In fact, our average client generates between N5 million and N50 million a year in revenues.

What Is the Best Online Accounting Software for Small Business?

We use various accounting software like Sage, Quickbooks as our primary financial platform, in tandem with a host of other tools like, TSheets, and Gusto, which can help to automate your company for greater efficiency.

How Do We Get Our Documents to Business Cardinal?

There are several ways to get documentation to us. We use Google Drive as well as Receipt Bank to make things easy for you.

What Should I Pay for Bookkeeping Services?

Most bookkeepers charge between $20 and $50 an hour for their services, so you should not pay any more than this. Our price packages allow you to pay on a semi-monthly, weekly, or semi-weekly basis, the cost of your online accounting services will be adjusted to meet your needs.

How Long Does it Take to Set Up Accounting Services Online?

Depending on the condition of your books, it could take as little as two weeks to set up your bookkeeping services online. If your books are not current, then our online accountants for small-business projects will need to organize them before we can proceed with the day-to-day work.


How Does a Virtual Bookkeeper Work?

You’ll communicate with us remotely, and our online accounting services will take care of the details of your financials and provide reports to you regularly.

Why Should I Use Business Bookkeeping Services Over an In-House Accountant?

  1. We usually cost 40% of what you’d pay for an in-house staff.
  2. We have up-to-date tools and software.
  3. We offer a unique profit-coaching program.
  4. We’re dedicated to getting your firm out of debt and profitable by 10% or more.

Is There a Contract?

Most of our clients do not enter into a contract with us. If your books are behind, we may propose one to ensure that the relationship runs smoothly, but almost all of our clients are on a month-to-month plan with us.

Are There Setup Fees?

If your books are current, there’s no fee. If they’re messy when you start with Ignite Spot’s online bookkeeping services, we can help you update them for a one-time fee. We’ve helped a lot of businesses clean up their books and will do the same for you.

How Do I Access My Accounting Software?

You will have access to your financial platform from the Internet.

Where Are You Based?

We are located in Lagos, Rivers, Delta and Ogun state

Industries We Serve

Reconciled works with companies across the country, and serves a variety of different industries. Because of our diverse client portfolio, we have been able to observe and serve in many different environments. This background equips our team to navigate the accounting best practices of your industry, and advise and support your business.

  • Professional Services
  • IT Consulting
  • Software Consulting
  • Marketing
  • Digital Marketing
  • Media
  • Public Relations
  • Staffing & Training
  • Construction & Landscaping
  • Management Consulting
  • Software/Product Installers
  • Technology Companies
  • eCommerce
  • IT Management
  • Systems Implementation
  • Software Development
  • eLearning
  • Online Community
  • Solar
  • FinTech
  • SAAS
  • Data and Analytics
  • Retail & Manufacturing
  • Restaurants and Bars
  • Retail and Clothing
  • Food and Beverage
  • Wholesale
  • Health and Wellness
  • Beauty and Cosmetics
  • Tourism and Hospitality
  • Real Estate
  • Medical Practice
  • Salons

Small businesses deserve better results from bookkeeping and accounting functions. Outsourcing your bookkeeping and accounting to Business Cardinal means you get all the benefits of a full-time on-staff bookkeeper, accountant, or controller at a fraction of the cost and without the hassle of recruiting, hiring, and managing another staff member.

We take care of all that and give you your time back, so you can focus on running and growing your business secure in the confidence that your books will be accurate and armed with the financial data you and your team need to get your jobs done right.

If you would love to engage us for this service, please call us on 08023200801 or request us to send you a proposal by email to or complete our customer enquiry form for more details.


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