We ensure sustained behavior change and drive increased sales performance

As Leading Management Consulting Firms in Nigeria, we work with our clients to identify, and confirm their challenges, gather and analyze data, and develop and implement solutions that help them meet their goals both in the short term and long-term.

Functional Expertise

Our Specialities include aspects of management consulting, including Operations, Risk Managements, Re-organization, Human Resources, and Accounting Advisory. Our skills in the various functional areas allow us to provide specific advice suited to the business’s unique circumstances.

Our Consultants are Strategic Thinkers, knowledgeable, results-oriented, and value-driven. We are your Change Experts in Performance Improvement, Risks, Strategic Planning, Financial Management, CFO Advisory, and General Management.

Our Experts are able to perform reviews, handle difficult situations that our Client face and are able to assess our Client’s Businesses from different perspectives. We cover Policy & Process Reviews, Strategy, Business Processes, Organizational designs, and Finance & Technology Reviews leveraging our industry expertise and technical knowledge to improve our Client’s businesses.

We perform root-cause investigations, develop hypotheses and make recommendations that are actionable from a clear understanding of the issues

We formulate resolutions using quantitative data which our Client’s systems can provide them and qualitative data which we can draw from experience and know-how. We work with CEOs and Boards to expand their capabilities and meet their mission and objectives.

In providing solutions to our client business, we follow this methodology:

  • We gather information about the business, in order to proffer solutions to solve the problems they face.
  • We interview management staff and team members
  • Where possible, we visit the Client site and Observe on-site methods, procedures, and equipment usage
  • We analyze revenue, expenses, financial and non-financial data, and other financial data
  • We offer recommendations on new policies, procedures, systems, practices, and organizational arrangements
  • We provide management with a report with recommended changes
  • We are following up with management to see how changes are working

Core Expertise as Management Consultant in Nigeria

Business Strategies – As strategic management consultants, us how a business can develop their capacity to adapt to changing market conditions. In doing this, we analyze the current market situation and they formulate strategies that will help improve the organization’s profitability, market position, and customer satisfaction.

We review the entire business, including Strategic Business Units, and recommend expansion or contraction based on the performance or non-performance of its relative to the business as a whole.

Supply Chain Management –As Nigeria’s top management consulting firm, we work to improve the efficiency of our Client’s Supply Chain assuring optimal movement of inventory between locations to customers promptly.

Operations – Top Nigerian Companies rely on us to help them to streamline their business operations, and improve the efficiency and effectiveness that exists within its business structure. We assess our client’s operation and determine the cause of the problems.  We then make suggestions on ways to address these problems and recommend changes that will remove these issues. We help improve our Clients company systems such as sales, production, finance or human resources (HR). We offer both as advisory or offer hands-on implementation

Marketing and Advertising –We work with our Clients to recommend how Companies can get value for their current marketing campaigns , streamline marketing and advertising programs.

Strategic Leadership and Organizational Development – We advise Companies on Organizational Structure, Conduct Structure Reviews, Performance Management embeds, corporate leadership, Corporate Governance, and Board Evaluation. We work with Management during strategy sessions, outlining missions, visions, SWOT, and Objectives in a Strategic Planning Document. We work with the to achieve determine what they want to achieve and how they plan to achieve it. Where possible, we also help them build the necessary systems and support networks for the plans. We offer training to guide management in implementing the plans.

Reorganizations and Mergers –We support companies to make them more efficient, profitable, liquidity, and results-focused. Where there are growth opportunities, we recommend mergers to grow market shares and market positioning.

Human Resources – We work with our Client to develop its HR culture, hiring practices, and procedure, recruit team members, and compensation package to attract and retain talent. We also support our clients with regulatory and compliance issues relating to Labor Laws, Whistleblower issues

Finance –We work with Companies to solve complex financial issues by deploying a mix of accounting, statistics, finance, accounting, and risk tools. We develop financial plans, budgets, and forecasts, review performance against targets, and develop financial reporting templates, and dashboards. We perform profitability tests, financial viability, returns, weekly and monthly dashboard reporting, and strategic advisory to management. We offer real estate, taxes, risk management, mergers, and acquisitions.


HR consultants deal with questions involving terms of employment, talent management, and changing organizational culture.

IT consultants, help companies develop and apply digital technology in their operations. Upgrading security or transitioning to greater online operations would fall in this category


Risk Management – Our Clients enjoy massive guidance on the management of risk in their business, mitigating against fraud, theft, and accident-related costs. We review data to advise on how losses can be minimized in the operations of our Client. We embed entire Enterprise Risk Management Culture where the whole boutique of risks is analysed with measure put in place to mitigate the losses that can occur should the risk crystalize.

Information Technology – Companies that rely on IT systems or have high-end computer systems rely heavily on management consultants. The consultant helps IT departments to customize their equipment to match the needs of the company. IT Management consultants can also help companies implement security measures for their networks to prevent any unauthorized access. They can help the IT department set up a firewall so that all the employees can access the data they need to run a particular program within the company.


Analysis and Objective Assessments

We are objective and can see through from extensive research and analysis. After working with you on crafting business strategies, we also help with Implementation Processes for many businesses.

We work with our Clients at the Strategic level and also at the Tactical level where trust is critical using our members with requisite skills and experience.

#1: Functional expertise

We work with our Client in resolving challenges that require our expertise competently with our functional knowledge and expertise can cover(pricing, marketing, organizational behaviour, accounting, finance, management etc)

#2: Objective opinion

How our Consultants Help Daily

Our work revolves around the following:

Understand the Objective

We seek to understand our Client’s pain point. We engage considerable time with Clients Management Team in order to align on the objectives. We review Clients Financial Information, Key Employees interviews. We develop a Hypothesis on potential solutions and think about the data that can validate the hypothesis.

Gather Data and Research

We obtain data to support hypothesis formulated earlier from review company’s financial data, industry research, interviews of key staff etc.

Perform In-Depth Analysis

With the data in hand, management consultants then focus on arriving to the insight they are getting paid to unravel. Consultants organize the data usually in Excel and extract the key pieces of information into charts and graphs on PowerPoint.

Data is analysed into tables, charts and graphs in MS Excel and PowerPoint.

Meetings with Clients

We provide updates regular to the contact person who coordinate with the Consulting Team.

Creating Deliverables

We offer the solutions in MS Excel and PowerPoint presentations that are lucid and understandable ensuring that real insights are conveyed to Clients Management team.

We provide an emphasis on skills to execute in the sales process and tools that enable your sales people to succeed.

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