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Business Cardinal is a member of the Matog Consulting Group with over 20 years experience in executing corporate finance services. Business Cardinal work side by side with executives, those charged with governance to help their companies create unprecedented value. We have deep experience in finance, organization design, Merger and Acquisition, investor relations management and change management.

Business Cardinal is a leading corporate finance advisory firm in Nigeria with a focus on cross-border and middle market transactions. Our clients range from corporations, private equity firms, family offices and entrepreneurs. We leverage our industry expertise, long-term focus and proven track-record to navigate complex situations and help secure optimal outcomes for our clients.

We help organizations create competitive advantages through strategic corporate finance. We take an integrated view that links corporate strategy, financial strategy, transactions and a capital markets perspective to help executives and their teams create value. We also help companies improve investor relations and effectively respond to active investors.

Businesses cannot afford to stand still if they are to survive and prosper. Our specialist skills, practical advice and objectivity means we have a strong track record of enhancing shareholder value for our clients, advising on and supporting them with growth, investment, acquisition and disposal. We offer independent advice across a wide spectrum of corporate finance transactions.



Our Corporate Finance Department has the double capacity of guiding the client through the Nigerian legal and business environment, while providing Western-style financial assistance in a familiar format and complying with the IAS/GAAP standards.

As part of our corporate finance services we are also providing private equity and project finance services, with all auxiliary services designated to raising finance for the activities developed by our clients. Our services are therefore addressed to international companies seeking investments in Nigeria, and at the same time to local private or state-owned companies interested in attracting financing sources.

We provide Corporate Finance advisory services to a wide range of clients; larger corporates to smaller privately-owned businesses, from private equity houses to government bodies. Our deep sector knowledge and cross border connections play a key role in our work. Explore either M&A Deals or Infrastructure and Government services to find out how we can help.

The following specific activities are developed by Business Cardinal as part of our Corporate Finance services:


Mergers and Acquisitions provide a critical opportunity for businesses that require the synergy of in-depth industry knowledge along with smart deal making skills and experience. Every Merger and Acquisition deal is persuaded with the ultimate aim to maximize stakeholder’s value.

Business Cardinal provides comprehensive M&A advisory, based on the objectives of our clients. Whether from the buyer side, or from a seller side, a buyout or a strategic alliance, our team brings their vast knowledge and experience to provide their industry-specific expertise.

We offer domestic as well as cross-border transaction services – from deal strategy, structuring, due diligence and complete analysis to financial engineering and final closing of the deal.

The Business Cardinal advantage on Merger and Acquisition deals:

  1. A collaborative approach; we are with our clients at every step
  2. Goal-oriented strategy, leveraging on our team’s expertise
  3. Diverse industry experience across verticals
  4. Global presence of SW International allows us to bring M&A opportunities



In an economy like Nigeria, Private Equity provides the critical fuel for growth and expansion of companies. However, private equity works on an uncertain backdrop of the vicissitudes of both domestic and global economy.

With our vast network capabilities and experienced team, we bring efficiency to our client’s capital raising endeavors. Over the years, we have built our skills across diverse sectors and established effective execution methodologies to help us successfully initiate and execute deals for them.

Leveraging our depth of transaction experience, we bring our clients opportunities for:

  1. Private Equity
  2. Venture Capital
  3. Mezzanine Finance
  4. Acquisition Equity Financing
  5. IPO & Pre-IPO placement Advisory
  6. FCCB’s/ADR’s/ GDR’s Advisory
  7. Listing on international stock exchanges



Debt is the most crucial form of finance for a business. It provides funding for both long-term, short-term, working capital requirements and other trade activities. Debt financing can include both secured and unsecured funding.

Business Cardinal offers structured debt financing solutions to companies across sectors, by leveraging its industrial expertise and vast experience. Our solutions also include debt management services to reduce the cost of funds. We assist our clients for both term and working capital requirements.

We work with our clients to raise debt funds for:

  1. Debt Syndication
  2. Structured Products
  3. Working Capital Financing
  4. Project Financing

In addition to the above-mentioned scenarios, we assist our clients to overcome special situations like corporate debt restructuring. Apart from negotiating with the financial institution, we also work with our clients to develop a robust turnaround plan for their business.



Due to the unstable economy of the recent times, organizations are finding it difficult to develop powerful business growth strategies. To combat the volatile business and economic environment, the need for a stable business partner becomes crucial. Business consultancy services help organizations transform their business and drive growth.

Business Cardinal has a wide transaction network, cross-border reach, technical expertise and experience to provide pragmatic resolutions. We work with our clients to generate strategies that would put their businesses on high growth trajectory.

We offer solutions for:

  1. Nigeria Entry Strategy
  2. Capital Structuring
  3. Business Advisory

Business Cardinal Pan African network allows us to provide business consultancy services across markets in Nigeria and other African Countries. Our solutions extend from strategy consulting and execution to transaction advisory and supply chain and sourcing. With our solutions, our clients have achieved a transformation through reinventing operational models and processes for enhanced productivity.



We can help you address key business issues through rigorous financial, economic and data analytics.

  • Review, enhance or build capital allocation processes
  • Provide independent analysis to help optimize the portfolio
  • Employ data analytics and predictive modelling to solve financial problems, facilitate decision making and achieve better business outcomes
  • Analyze the impact on value and risk of alternative complex transaction structures
  • Analyze the impact on value and risk of alternative capital structures
  • Analyze the accretive or dilutive characteristics of your business units or assets
  • Bridge your strategic and operational imperatives by employing our leading-class business modelling capabilities



We can help you improve economic strategy, forecast more accurately and better manage your commercial and capital decisions.

  • Economic impact assessment and cost benefit analysis
  • Macro-economic analysis and assessment of scenarios
  • Econometrics and pricing strategy
  • Demand forecasting and price elasticity estimation
  • Predictive modelling for customer behavior
  • Margin analysis and unit economics




Business Cardinal teams provide fairness opinions to boards of directors, special committees and other fiduciaries in connection with mergers, acquisitions, divestitures and other material transactions. By analyzing the financial aspects of a transaction, we help our clients fulfill their fiduciary duties and make better decisions.



For large-scale infrastructure projects and programs, we advise both public and private sector organizations on issues related to:

  • Financial
  • Procurement
  • Strategic
  • Public-private partnerships (PPP)

Our wide range of advisory services includes support from the earliest stages of analysis, from project evaluation to procurement, financial close, construction and operations. We can assist our clients in devising and comparing financial plans and delivery approaches for projects that involve public, federal or private financing, project revenues and/or grants — and provide support to our clients in their implementation of those plans.



We can provide you with an independent opinion as to whether the price to be paid or received in a transaction is fair from a financial point of view. In doing so, Business Cardinal professionals can help you address the following important questions:

  • Will the transaction create or destroy shareholder value?
  • What is the value of the target assets or equity interests?
  • How does non-cash consideration such as equity, seller notes, earnouts, options and other complex financial instruments affect the transaction value?
  • How do risks, synergies and other growth opportunities impact the transaction economics?
  • Is the transaction accretive or dilutive?
  • How do the transaction structure, tax attributes and contingencies impact deal value?



Our Valuation professionals perform high-quality valuations of companies and individual assets that recognize the need for transparent and robust valuations which satisfy corporate, regulatory and accounting requirements. In this environment, justifying the value of assets and liabilities has grown more complex and critical for most businesses. Our experienced professionals bring excellence in accounting, taxation and financial due diligence, providing integrated solutions that help clients make better quality decisions around value. We help clients advance their strategic, financial and tax agendas through a combination of corporate finance and valuation analyses.

Our Business Modeling professionals provide robust quantitative analysis and insight, while leveraging advanced data science, mathematics and statistical skills, to provide robust, evidenced-based analytics to inform our clients’ strategic and operational decision making around all elements of the capital agenda. Often reporting directly to a company’s most senior executives, we enhance our clients’ understanding of costs, benefits, uncertainties and risks to enable more confident, strategic decisions and judgements around capital allocation. We employ tools and techniques to deliver predictive and prescriptive analytics, including the use of financial modelling solutions.

Building an effective business model, whether it‘s to evaluate a transaction, a new market opportunity or for other strategic purposes, is a complex and difficult task. In addition, clients often place reliance on a business model and require a degree of independent comfort that such business model is free from logical errors. Our Business Modeling professionals also help clients carry out the model review, model support and model-build activities our clients need to make key decisions and improve strategic outcomes.


Other Corporate Finance services we offer at Business Cardinal includes:

  • Conducting comprehensive financial analyses;
  • Finding merger and joint venture opportunities;
  • Preparing complete financial due diligence reports, working jointly with GBG’s legal services department;
  • Assisting in drafting business plans and cash flow projections;
  • Providing assistance with respect to any tax and/or accounting implications of the proposed business structure;
  • Structuring and negotiating any transactions that might be necessary to reach certain investment goals;
  • Providing the necessary guidelines in obtaining effective financing;
  • Integrating newly-created entities and operations.



  • How do I know I have the right asset mix?
  • How do I know I am funding the right projects?
  • How do I predict my future financial performance?
  • How can my investment and tax strategy help futureproof my business?
  • How do I best fund my capital investment decisions?
  • How can I increase investor confidence?



Business Cardinal provides comprehensive support throughout M&A and other corporate transactions, including buy and sell side advisory, fairness and solvency opinions, financial sponsor coverage, private capital markets – debt advisory, and transaction advisory. You should seek out our services because:

  1. Business Cardinal relies upon the experience and expertise of its professionals to provide optimal solutions tailored to the needs of each client individually.
  2. Our corporate finance services can help you to manage your risk/return trade-offs to support you with better decision-making around financing and capital efficiency.
  3. Our multinational team is located in 4 offices across Nigeria
  4. At Business Cardinal, we provide best-in-class deal capabilities for clients worldwide
  5. Our corporate finance services are cost effective and you get value for the services you are paying for
  6. We have at our disposal qualified and experienced experts with various industry experience to aid in executing corporate finance services
  7. Identifying potential risks and opportunities through monthly and quarterly diagnostic reviews
  8. We provide information on relevant legislation as well as on developments in corporate finance




Whether you are a company considering acquisitions, a venture capital or private equity fund considering investments or a business owner looking to realize value through selling all or part of your business, our Corporate Finance Team have the skills to deliver the required services at all stages of a transaction process.

For companies seeking growth funding or exit strategies from capital markets, our experience enables us to provide support with IPOs, acquisitions and fundraising. Our team provides a range of services including acting as reporting accountant with a particular focus on AIM.

We are also highly experienced in delivering share and business valuations for a range of purposes. These include financial reporting support and commercial valuations to support and inform exit strategies as well as providing expert witness services, valuations for tax disputes including inheritance tax (IHT), capital gains tax (CGT).

Our corporate finance consultants help corporates, private equity, governments, sovereign wealth funds, private and family businesses, and educational institutions with their key financial issues. From portfolio review and capital allocation processes to financial planning analytics and decision support, we have the people, analytics and tools to help you better allocate capital. Contact Business Cardinal today


If you would love to engage us for this service, please call us on 08023200801 or request us to send you a proposal by email to hello@businesscardinal.com or complete our customer enquiry form for more details.

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