International Debt Recovery



International debt recovery has to do with the recovery of cross-border, non-contested claims. For companies, it involves collecting invoices that are overdue against foreign customers.

There are three phases in international debt collections:

  1. “Amicable” international debt collection, A creditor or a Debt Collector tries to persuade a debtor to pay his debt without resorting to legal action.


  1. The judicial phase, Where the creditor decides to institute legal action for recovery of debt.


  1. Enforcement if there is a need to enforce a judgment. (Insolvency proceedings can also be relevant when the debtor is in default.)



What are the laws and rules for international debt collection? Many creditors with debtors in different countries often find it tricky to know what rules to follow when collecting debts abroad.


First of all. There are no such thing as International debt recovery laws. Rules and laws that apply to amicable collection are always regulated at a national level. Just like other procedural rules. As to sue someone in court, or to enforce a judgment.


So which country’s laws apply?

For debt collection, the laws of the country where the debtor is located are applied. In other words, if you must collect a claim against a debtor in Sweden, Swedish laws apply.


Two main features can be distinguished in most countries.

  1. Authorization is almost always needed for third-party collection agencies, to protect debtors from unscrupulous companies and prohibited practices.
  2. There are rules regulating certain actions to protect debtors. For instance, collection agencies cannot contact their debtors at odd times of the day. Debt collectors are also not allowed to threaten to institute legal actions against debtors if their claim lacks legal basis.

To sum it up, there are no laws for international debt collection and the rules for collection in your debtor`s country are applicable. Most likely, permission is required for debt collection activities against debtors in that specific country. There are most likely rules on how the debtor must be treated.



Business Cardinal as an International Debt Recovery Agent first employs voluntary tactics to recover the claim. Voluntary without instituting legal action.

The debtor is informed about the claim by the Business Cardinal who also informs him that judicial action is an option if there’s non-payment. This has a huge impact on the debtor’s desire to pay back.



Legal actions are usually instituted in the country of the debtor.Most countries have simplified judicial procedures to regulate uncontested claims if there’s need for a creditor to institute any legal action. There’s a court procedure known as “Payment Order” used to settle uncontested monetary claims in most countries. This procedure makes things cheaper and faster compared to the normal proceedings. Apart from the creditors, this is also great for national courts as it reduces their workload.

If the creditor receives a verdict, then the judgment obtained from the court is proof that there’s a legal claim. “Jurisdiction” has to do with the country where the litigation is to be instituted where parties reside in different countries. Such questions must be tackled in each case.

However, the rule of thumb for commercial disputes is that the country of the debtor will have jurisdiction if the parties fail to agree on jurisdiction. The implication of this is that, these debt collection cases will be instituted in the debtor’s country.


If the debtor fails to pay after judgment, the next step is to apply for enforcement. Every country has its own enforcement authority that can recover assets from debtors if they fail to pay up willingly. Business Cardinal can only apply for enforcement from the country where your debtor’s assets are located because enforcement authorities cannot carry out enforcement in another country.

As a rule, before you apply for enforcement, you must have a judgment-verdict (enforcement order) from the country where you’re applying for enforcement.

To enforce a foreign judgment in a country, there must be an international agreement to that effect and the country must have acceded to it. Fortunately, these laws and agreements exist to facilitate free movement including cross-border interactions and trade.


Debtor or creditor’s country?, Business Cardinal will ensure that we have local coverage in whichever country the creditor resides.

It is easier to recover your debt through a local debt collector like Business Cardinal who has knowledge of the local procedural laws, business culture, recovery practices and who speaks the language of your debtor. This also makes it easier for you to comply with the rules and laws regulating debt collection in the nation.


Business Cardinal are International Debt Collection agents that specializes in effective and efficient, stress-free debt recovery worldwide. With different currencies, cultures, time zones and languages to contend with, global debt recovery can be a challenge for businesses. But at Business Cardinal we excel at international debt collection so you don’t have to.

If you have an international invoice or ledger that is proving difficult to collect, and you have exhausted your usual credit management processes without securing the desired results, it can have a significant impact on your cash flow.

In these instances, Business Cardinal can bring our international expertise and negotiating experience to the process, allowing you to concentrate on other invoices safe in the knowledge that your international debts are in safe hands.

Doing business worldwide comes with a great number of advantages: more opportunity, new markets, and greater business growth. However, this development means you might also find yourself trying to recover money from a customer who is not only in a different time zone to you but also has different laws and customs to abide by.

Although in this situation you may worry you have to write the money off as irrecoverable, we can give you confidence in the knowledge that your international debt recovery options don’t diminish as soon as the debt crosses borders.

Our International Debt Recovery Process

As part of the debt collection process, Business Cardinal offers the following services:

  • In-house law firm:

If an account is not paid, the law firm will apply additional legal pressure at no extra cost.

  • Background investigation:

The agency will research the debtor and business owners to determine its operations and profitability to inform negotiations.

  • Skip tracing:

The Kaplan Group will perform skip tracing to find clients who have ceased operations or moved locations.

  • Credit analysis:

The agency will do credit analysis to evaluate the debtor’s personal financial situation as well as the company’s financial performance to determine its ability to repay.

  • Settlement agreement:

If the debtor is unable to repay the amount owed in full, the agency will negotiate a payment plan or settlement agreement for a portion of the outstanding debt.


Our other services as a top International Debt Recovery Agent includes the following

  • We mostly resolve disputes between foreign contracting parties (B2B), one of which violates the articles of the contract, fails to pay for services or debates the terms of goods delivery, regardless of the debtor’s location.
  • We also provide comprehensive support of bankruptcy proceedings – starting from filing the creditors’ demands with the courts, continuing with filing the documents for sale of assets and finishing with the settlement of the claims.
  • While acting together with the creditors in negotiations, we prepare by considering every single situation and external factors simultaneously. We provide due diligence and analysis of each debtor’s company. Then we establish goals, choose tactics and develop a step-by-step strategy for the effective rounds of negotiations
  • We help our clients to return the money within a short period amicably in most of the claims we handle. We arrange payment adjustments and compensation plans by negotiations with the debtors’ representatives.
  • We regularly meet and negotiate with TOP managers and shareholders of the responsible corporations to control the repayments according to the debt recovery plans, designed in result of negotiations.


As a recognized and respected international debt collection agency, our expert service significantly improves the chances of recovering your money and helps support financial planning.

We can offer regular reporting to your company with real-time figures on millions of companies. Our in-depth knowledge ensures you can focus on business development while we focus on financial risk and debt monitoring and recovery.

Using a global international debt collection company gives you access to information on:

  • 80 million global businesses monitored by us in real time
  • 200 territories checked daily
  • Analysts across 100 countries worldwide
  • Over 4,000 experts globally
  • Data adjusted by country, sector, and current economy


Business Cardinal are international debt recovery agents and you should hire us because:

  • With Business Cardinal, there are no setup or membership fees. The agency works solely on a contingency basis, and you only pay if the agency collects money owed to you.
  • For large outstanding debts, the contingency fees are quite low: 15% for balances between $50,000 and $500,000 and 10% for balances over $500,000. If the outstanding debt is with a foreign company, the contingency fee is 30%, regardless of the claim amount.
  • As a new client, your first claim must be for at least $10,000. Otherwise, you’re ineligible to work with Business Cardinal and will need to find another agency. There is a $1,000 minimum on all claims, except in special cases for long-term clients.
  • The company boasts an 85% success rate. According to the agency, the industry success rate is just 50% at seven months past due.
  • For businesses looking for a commercial debt collection agency, Business Cardinal is a good fit for you. With low contingency rates for large claims over $500,000 and a high success rate of 85%, you can maximize the money owed to you without paying setup or membership fees.
  • Access to local law enforcement and legal teams. In any case where legal action in court is required, we source and provide the local legal team and follow through on the debt until the hearing is complete
  • A unique understanding of local practices, cultures, languages, currencies, trade, and market conditions
  • A single contact point, regardless of the location of the debtor
  • A team working in local time zones to ensure fast and effective debt collection
  • Action on debt recovery within 24 hours
  • Full management of debt recovery from initial contact to all follow-ups and collections.
  • Tailored service that works for you and is designed for your company, size, and secto
  • Global leader in International debt recovery services
  • Business Cardinal is a unique global alliance of local debt collection agencies and specialized law firms, being your one-stop global shop for prompt, professional and ethical international debt collection and recovery services.
  • With representation in over 167 countries spanning every major economic region of the globe, we are in a unique position to deliver fast, effective solutions to the complex challenges of your global debt recovery problem— all on a ‘No Win, No Fee’ basis.
  • All our partners are recognized as leaders in the debt collection and recovery markets in their countries and strictly adhere to their local legislation and regulations as well as the Business Cardinal Group Code of Operations, assuring you of quality services.
  • As part of our quality control, our group partners, who initially join as agents, undergo a stringent selection and monitoring process. Both agents and members are contractually bound to adhere to strict operational standards. Our rigorous selection process gives preference to international debt collection agencies, as their experience in international commercial debt collection contributes levels of expertise not normally available in locally minded agencies.



  • International Trade
  • Banking & Insurance
  • Commerce & Consumer
  • Government & Diplomatic Institutions
  • Media & Telecom
  • Hotel & Travel
  • Medical & Healthcare
  • FMCGs

re you in need of International Debt Recovery Agent? Business Cardinal can help you collect commercial debt from your customers abroad.  Failure to collect on debts and late payments can significantly influence your cash flow and bottom line. 25% of bankruptcies are due to unpaid debts, and a single large debtor can severely limit your business dealings and even threaten the livelihood of your company.

Business Cardinal provide a single point of contact, regardless of the debtor country. Limiting your losses, minimizing disruption to your business and providing access to local legal teams.

We understand that speed is essential in recovering debt, which is why we make sure first contact with the debtor is made within 24 hours of checking your files. Contact can be followed up with physical visits, negotiations, and legal court proceedings where necessary and possible.

The current international market can cause problems for companies who are engaged in export or any overseas trading when the time comes to get paid. Regulations across countries and continents alongside the physical distance and language barriers can make collecting what you are owed difficult.

This is where an international debt recovery agent like Business Cardinal can help you to recover debts and retain a healthy cash flow while benefiting from international markets. Our teams work in over 50 countries across the globe to trace and source your debtors.

If you would love to engage us for this service, please call us on 08023200801 or request us to send you a proposal by email to or complete our customer enquiry form for more details.


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