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Business Cardinal helps your company with  forensic accounting services.

Business Cardinal is a member of Matog Consulting Group with over 20 years of experience in forensic accounting services. Situations involving fraud, disputes between parties or any allegation of corruption and fraudulent activity always require a close examination of the accused book of records, agreements, contracts and other relevant financial documentation to determine what has really happened. Enabling quality forensic accounting is a relevant and topmost priority of a business as the business owner may suspect fraudulent activities in his or her organization or may just require a valuation of a business or other assets. We are leading provider of forensic accounting services and has aided clients from different sectors:

What We do

Our experts and professionals at Business Cardinal can investigate thoroughly the suspicious areas, then collect the appropriate and relevant evidence in order to separate confusion and suspicion from the real facts. Our forensic specialists combine wider sector knowledge with extensive expertise to guide you through the technicalities of financial investigation and have a sharp eye for detail when it comes to investigating and analysing specific accounting situations.

We can quickly assemble an investigative forensic accounting team to secure, collate, analyse thoroughly financial transactions, corporate books, records and any other relevant financial information to provide clear and concise evidence based reports to the board, management, business owners after carrying out our investigation. Our team consists of chartered accountants, public accountants, forensic accountants, compliance specialists, and forensics experts, investigative managers who have accumulated years of experience in forensic accounting with educational and professional certificates.

We ensure that we provide insight, direction and hands on guidance in matters related to financial misconduct, tampering with books, corruption, regulatory compliance, fraud and investment schemes.

Forensic Accounting Services we offer

  • Forensics Relating To Regulatory Compliance
  • We create customized solutions that leverages our building block sales training curriculum
  • We reinforce learning to drive behavior change through coaching and digital leaUnder this we have the following categories:
    • Frauds committed by financial institution
    • Frauds carried out in the healthcare and other domains
    • Investigations of concerns raised by whistle-blowers

    Under this we have the following categories:

    • Any area related to bankruptcy fraud
    • Conveyance actions that are fraudulent
    • Payments that are preferential
    • Instances of breach of fiduciary duty
    • Areas of director and officer liability
    • Disputes about insurance coverage/interruptions in business
    • Areas of securities and litigation of shareholders
    • Areas related to purchasing price disputes post-acquisition, working capital, billing and earn-out
    • Due diligence and investigating background
    • Management fees and transactions of related parties
    • Tracing misappropriated assets, and financial embezzlement
    • Cases of misrepresentation of financial statements, and any other financial fraud
    • Claims of fidelity

    Categories of Fraud investigation we provide:

    The following are the types of fraud investigation that we handle or carry out


    This type of fraud deals with any fraudulent activity that is related to embezzlement through employees or any theft relating to employment or pension scheme.

    Take for example, some organizations and companies are aware of the pension scheme that must be incorporated when paying the salaries of its staff. Most companies tend to remove the money meant for the pension scheme of their workers and keep it for their selfish purpose


    This type of fraud deals with any fraudulent activity that is carried out in order to falsify or misinterpret facts carried out in a financial transaction with respect to the position of the company or due to the facts that the financial statements are publicly made available. This type of fraud is mostly carried out by an insider in the organization


    This type of fraud occurs when customers devise several means in order to defraud financial institutions.


    This type of fraud occurs when the person involved in the theft or embezzlement in relations to assets that does not belong to the accused, but to others who know nothing about the fraudulent activity which often results in a breach of trust

    Other types of forensic frauds we investigate

    This includes:

    • Cases of embezzlement and employee thefts
    • Anti-corruption investigations
    • Asset tracing
    • Cash flow analysis
    • Court-appointed accounting assignments
    • Damages quantification
    • Economic analysis
    • Expert and fact witness testimony
    • Financial reporting and disclosures assessment
    • Financial investigations
    • Forensic due diligence
    • Insurance claims
    • Internal controls assessment and remediation
    • Internal investigations
    • Lost profits
    • Money laundering analysis and remediation
    • Purchase price dispute analysis
    • Reconstruction of financial transactions
    • Regulatory investigations
    • Royalty and profit participation audits
    • Whistle-blowers allegation assessment and investigations
    • White collar executive defence
    • Issues related to lending to customers by financial institutions
    • Instances of issues related to cash management and billing in medical and dental companies, amongst others
    • Civil cases of misappropriation or misuse of partner’s funds
    • Probing cases of fiduciary’s use or misuse of funds
    • Calculation of economic damages due to contract breach
    • Dealing with disputes post-acquisition, like earn outs, warranty breaches, etc.
    • Cases of reorganization, bankruptcy, or insolvency
    • Fraud related to securities, tax, laundering of money
    • Business valuation and revaluation
    • Corporate or company-specific investigations
    • Investigations on compliance with anti-corruption measures
    • Usage of forensic technology
    • Breach of fiduciary duties
    • Prudent investor rule cases
    • Fraud and misappropriation of funds investigations
    • Misappropriation of trust assets
    • Business valuation
    • Due diligence
    • Disputes related to financial reporting
    • Prevention of fraud and dealing with false claims act
    • Fraud and complex financial investigations
    • Audit and special committee investigations
    • Financial statement misstatements, inadequate disclosure and restatements
    • Economic damages calculations
    • Insolvency or reorganisation.
    • Any breaches of warranties, or earn outs resulting from disputes post-acquisition.
    • Any suspicion of tax fraud.
    • Any suspicion of securities fraud.
    • Any suspicion of money laundering.
    • E-discovery or computer forensics.
    • Fraud and misappropriation of funds
    • Examination of financial statements related to allegations of mismanagement of funds
    • Quantification of damages
    • Reasonableness of the entity’s forecasts and projections
    • Accountants negligence
    • Shareholder fraud and misappropriation of funds
    • Assessment of the actual financial condition of the entity
    • Operation of the business and historical profitability
    • Business valuation
    • Regulatory inquiries
    • Independent internal controls and fraud risk assessment
    • Appraisal of financial losses resulting from fraud
    • Appraisal of damage resulting from prejudicial acts
    • Preparation of expert opinions and second opinions
    • Asset tracing
    • Source and use of funds analysis
    • Investigations of activities including potential:
    • Skimming of receipts
    • Cheque tampering
    • Lapping and layering of funds
    • False vendors/invoices, expense reimbursements
    • Manipulation of cash receipts or inventory records
    • Ghost employees, overtime, and commission payments
    • Identify information that would assist in establishing motivation, intent, and bias
    • Assisting attorneys in the financial aspects of cases
    • Intervention as arbitrators or mediators in dispute resolution.
    • Fraud investigations, including review of internal controls
    • Compliance and transaction risk assessments
    • Ponzi schemes, embezzlement and kickbacks
    • Technical accounting services
    • Assistance with auditors
    • Accountant liability

    Our Processes

    Our process in carrying out forensic accounting includes 6 steps which ensures provision of highly effective, efficient and quality forensic accounting services to our clients. The 6 key steps includes:


    This first step is to meet with our client and discuss, understand what is at stake, gather the requirements and the facts for a better understanding of what processes we need to implement. A neutral place of meeting is set up with representatives of our company and that of our client in order to gather up the facts.


    The second step after a meeting has been held is to clearly and thoroughly understand what caused the conflict between the various parties. This is to help us thoroughly understand the actions we are to carry out or implement. Questions relating to this step includes what type of fraud occurred?, How long has it been on? etc.


    The third step after carrying out a dispute check is to carry out an investigation on the matter which may be embezzling of funds, or fraudulent practices by the management. A plan will be carried out by our forensic accountants and experts


    The next step after carrying out an investigation deals with gathering data and facts while carrying out the investigation in order to understand the dispute between the two parties and understand the conflict.


    The next step after accumulating enough and reliable evidence involves tracing the assets, calculating the damage incurred, the value of assets, summarizing the financial transactions, reports and corporate books. The analytic side of Forensic Accounting has recently become of increasing importance. In many cases where Forensic Accounting is employed the accountant must collect the necessary data and perform a data analysis of what they find.


    This is the last step in our forensic accounting process. After proper analysis has been carried out, we well compile a report to our client which will state the evidence and facts to support the claim



    Forensic accounting investigation is usually carried out in order to discover, uncover, detect and confirm the various types of illegal activities that goes on in an organization. The illegal activities include

    • Extortion and money laundering
    • Conflict of Interest between parties
    • Bribery
    • Asset Misappropriation
    • Financial statement fraud
    • Insurance fraud
    • Bankruptcy fraud
    • Whistle blowers allegation
    • Damaging quantification
    • Under reported income
    • Suspiciously large purchases by parties who don’t seem to have the income to support the items
    • Contract disputes



    The following are the reasons why you should secure our services

    • We react quickly and confidentially to safeguard assets and reputation of our clients
    • Our forensic accounting team are creative, experts and composed. They also have many years of experience working in forensics
    • We are reliable and we communicate well with our clients
    • Our approaches enable us to efficiently gather facts, analyse the issues, and prepare reports and presentations that stand up to regulatory requirements
    • We resolve matters with minimum disruption to the business and mitigate recurrences by recommending effective controls
    • We assist with complex accounting and reporting issues that arise from situations occurring outside the normal course of business
    • We know that sensitivities in very important when carrying out these types of assignments, we always ensure that effective communication and careful planning is done to ensure a successful outcome
    • We minimize the potential damage to your business and securing the evidence needed to obtain a conviction
    • We dedicate ourselves to obtaining a detailed understanding of your unique case, and work closely with you to identify internal control and compliance failures, and resolve your issues in a cost-effective and timely manner
    • We assist counsel and clients throughout the litigation cycle, from discovery and loss quantification through to asset recovery following a successful claim.
    • Our services are cost effective and affordable


    When you suspect fraud, theft, illegal activities or some other wrongdoing within your company, the decisive action is critical and it may make or break your company. In situations like this, you require the services forensic accounting experts like Business Cardinal that applies professional accounting skills and an investigative mind-set to provide answers to our client queries or disputes. When our forensic accounting services are employed in order to get ahead of potential illegal activity, our clients are implementing controls in order to limit risk incurred by the company.


    In Forensic Accounting it is important to look beyond just what the numbers say, Business Cardinal experts can help you achieve a successful outcome by properly investigating and analysing and giving feedback and reports on the disputes and queries made by our clients. The goal of a forensic accounting service is simply to uncover evidence that can identify the processes and data through which a fraud has been committed or an error has been made and for the evidential findings to be suitable for use in a court of law.

    For a team of professional and experts that are skilled in the art of forensic accounting investigations. Contact on us …..

Whatever it is, Business Cardinal can help your company  get the results you want. We bring all of this together by customizing your solution to the deepest levels in the industry for maximum relevance to your business. For more information, please contact us today, or click here to contact for our services

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