Business Cardinal has been providing a strong, client-based Executive Search service to local and international companies in this West African economy since 2010. We assist clients actively investing in African markets due to considerable economic potential of this region, the team of Executive Search consultants offer strong local, regional and international insights in Executive Search and the local talent market in Lagos, Nigeria.


Particular areas of expertise for this our local Nigerian office include Technology, Telecommunication, FMCG and of course the Oil, Gas and Mining industries. The international reach of Pedersen & Partners, gives our clients a competitive advantage in the battle for the best executive appointments


Partner with Business Cardinal to find the top-level talent your organization needs to succeed.

Whether your organization is large or small, local or national, has some recruitment experience or is hiring its first-ever staff leader, Business Cardinal through Executive Recruitment Service can help.


Finding or replacing an executive director or senior-level executive can be a daunting and expensive task. We have the experience and know-how to help you attract and hire the best executives in your industry in a cost-effective manner. Our clients are trade and professional associations serving a variety of sectors including agriculture, education, government, finance, and healthcare as well as other types of nonprofit organizations.


How we render our Executive Search Services

Business Cardinal provide the advisory services and support you need throughout the search process. We conduct our work in consultation with you


You will approve all materials and messages associated with the search process before we use them with candidates and other audiences. We ensure that all candidates have a positive experience with your brand by communicating with them at each step along the way, confirming receipt of resumes, keeping them informed of their status, and providing notification to finalist candidates not selected.


The bottom line is that we offer many of the same professional services as staffing firms do, but at a fraction of the cost.

Our specialists around the world use tools and analytics with in-depth market and industry knowledge that cover every stage of the talent acquisition process:

  • Talent Acquisition

Attract and retain the right people at every level of your organization by leveraging our scientific research, practical experience and healthcare expertise.

  • Professional Search

We find and assess professionals in middle and upper management—for single or multiple roles. We help you pinpoint the candidates with the best chance of being a successful long-term fit for your business.

  • Recruitment Process Outsourcing (RPO)

Our RPO partnerships reduce your hiring costs, speed up recruitment and find quality candidates, so you can grow faster with motivated, high-performing teams.


  • Project Recruitment

We help you quickly fill large numbers of roles when you need to—like during a merger or acquisition, relocation, expansion or to support a new product launch.




At Business Cardinal, our process is thorough and different from all other firms as we put in all our efforts and expertise into providing the best executive search service:


  • Client Kick Off

We conduct extensive research to build a profile of your ideal executive.

  • Candidate Development

We develop a handpicked pool of custom-matched executive talent.


  • Streamlined Search Process

You conduct back to back interviews of select, highly skilled executives.

  • Final Interview Stage

You make your final selection, and we manage all recruitment and negotiation.


  • Search Conclusion

You hire an experienced, top-notch executive under an accelerated timeline.






 Context Assessment

Following extensive consultation with the client about needs, we develop a comprehensive understanding of the organization, its business goals, culture as well as the specific requirements for the appointment. The reasons why the job is attractive are also carefully analyzed.

  • Context Brief

The objectives of the assignment are defined and an ideal candidate profile developed. At the same time, Business Cardinal creates communications materials that describe the opportunity and the organization for potential candidates.


  • Contextual Intelligence

Business Cardinal Researchers in local markets around the world conduct background analysis to support the search. Using Business Cardinal’s networked structure, they quickly gain additional insight and perspective to fast-changing markets and candidate wants and needs.


  • Search Strategy

A specific search universe is drawn up and agreed with the client, often calling on the contextual experience and creativity of the Consultant. This is a critical step because it defines the direction of the search.

  • Initial Contact

Potential candidates are thoroughly screened, their qualifications examined, past performance verified, motivation and personality assessed and, where appropriate, strengths and weaknesses appraised.

Throughout the search process, the client is kept informed of progress and findings. A long list of qualified candidates together with brief profiles is usually presented to the client along with recommendations of those who best meet the specifications. Aside from comprehensive candidate reports, market reaction is also constantly feedback to the client.

  • Candidate Meetings

Candidates who meet the requirements of the Context Brief are brought forward. After each session, feedback is obtained from all parties and interest levels on both sides are carefully monitored.


  • Negotiations

Both the client and the candidate draw on our vast reservoir of knowledge in market compensation and benefits to discuss and structure a competitive and equitable package.


  • References

Where local laws allow, extensive and formal reference checks are undertaken to confirm candidate career achievements.

  • Handholding

After a successful candidate has been appointed and begun their assignment, Business Cardinal maintains an ongoing dialogue with both the candidate and the client to ensure a smooth integration and onboarding, helping to assure the achievement of performance goals. At this stage, Business Cardinal can also take on the communication of the new appointment to the press and inside the organization, if required.


  • CEO & Board of Directors
  • Digital Officers
  • Financial Officers
  • Human Resources Officers
  • Legal, Risk, Compliance & Government Affairs
  • Marketing, Sales & Strategy Officers
  • Supply Chain & Operations Officers
  • Technology Officers
  • Risk Management
  • Sales
  • Supply Chain
  • Sustainability


We know it’s critical to find the right “fit” for your team. We work closely with candidates and organizations to ensure success. With candidates, we get to know them well beyond their resume. We understand their abilities, career and life goals. We listen to understand their vision and approach for any role or team.


With companies, we dive deep into culture to understand the ideal personality and contributor. We with mission and vision. In this way, we bring candidates who go beyond meeting a company’s needs but, instead become essential contributors to organizational success.

We strive for 100% satisfaction and quality fits by developing deep relationships with both parties. We can provide advice to both candidates and companies on how to best communicate needs, wants, and specifications to provide a clear picture of the executive position.


Business Cardinal understands that you’re not simply looking to fill a vacancy with an executive search firm, but rather, you’re looking for a leader who can help take your company to its desired future state. You’re ultimately looking to solve a business problem with a great hire. We come alongside you to figure out what that looks like, and then we find that perfect-fit leader, wherever in the world they might be. And we do that with a level of speed and precision that no other retained search firm can match.


We have created a completely unique retained search experience for our clients, built for how search should work, not just how it’s always been done. We pair best-in-class research capabilities with an internal commitment to cutting-edge technology and product development. This produces deep, rich talent pipelines across all industries and geographies for our clients.  Our transparent search application gives clients 24/7 access to their entire pipeline with real-time reporting, data and analytics.

Business Cardinal also uses a bespoke pricing model that offers a variety of engagement options to accommodate virtually any company. We meet you where you are instead of forcing you into an outdated, industry standard pricing model. Overall, our unique process is co-created with each client to deliver what they need, when they need it.


You should hire Business Cardinal for your Executive Search Services because:

  • Day to day support:

We maintain daily contact with our clients and ensuring that their needs are met

  • Discovery:

Understand and integrate the cultural and leadership requirements of the company in order to guide our search for an executive, leader for your organization 


  • Mapping and research

Combine local expertise and international research capacity to gather a pool of potential candidates

  • Assessment

Evaluation of potential candidates through competency based interviews and psychometric insights and reporting

  • Shortlist

Selection of a short-list of potential candidates based on behavioral and psychometric knowledge adapted to the role and organizational context

  • Offer management

Our consultants manage the offer process using effective negotiation skills to ensure the best executive recruitment for your organization


  • On-boarding

Dedicated support adapted to your strategic and operational context for taking up a successful executive or managerial position

  • High touch support

Our specialist headhunters will work closely with you throughout the executive search process


  • Leading Consulting Firm:

At Business Cardinal, our results speak for us. This makes us one of the top 10 consulting firm in Lagos state, Nigeria.  This brings about access to the resources of one of the world’s leading professional advisory organizations


We build serving and longstanding relationships to support our client’s business and personal interests throughout the lifecycle

  • Locally centred

We are present in over 5 states in Nigeria. Our local network extends to Lagos, Ogun, Rivers, Abuja and Delta state with our offices placed there


  • Instrumental

Actively involved in leading trade and industry bodies shaping the changes affecting your business.

  • Efficient team

We have accounting advisory professionals with deep technical and industry knowledge strategically positioned around the world. Our teams deliver a consistent, efficient and cost-effective service. At Business Cardinal our teams are committed to helping clients reach the right accounting answer in the context of reporting objectives, commercial reality and regulatory requirements.

  • Wealth of Experience

We have a wealth of experience in dealing with accounting advisory services. Our executive search recruiters have experience around the world, in industries like finance, life sciences, consumer, healthcare, technology and beyond.

  • Value for Money

We provide value-for-money services and solutions which are flexible and cost effective We help you find leaders who fit your culture and advise you on the rewards that will encourage them to stick with you




  • Financial Services
  • Consumer Products & Goods
  • Technology
  • Sports, Entertainment & Media
  • Manufacturing
  • Non-Profit / Education
  • Healthcare
  • Startups


  • Chief Executive Officers
  • Chief Financial Officers
  • Chief Operation Officers
  • Chief Information Officers
  • Chief Human Resource Officers
  • Chief Marketing Officers
  • Presidents / General Managers / Partners
  • VPs & Directors
  • Senior Managers
  • Interim Executives



For more than 10 years, our executive search recruiters have been the first choice for companies looking to find C-level executives that are a perfect fit. Our executive search services deliver unmatched results using our market-leading assessment solutions. We help you determine which candidates are the ideal skill set and mindset for your company’s culture and build the framework for compensation and retention that attracts the right leaders. In fact, candidates hired using our assessments are eight times more likely to be promoted within three years.


Our unique culture of collaboration and global knowledge-sharing allows us to go well beyond recruitment in facilitating and influencing business relationships toward value creation. Our partners work on an exclusive retained basis with predetermined fees and guarantees.


Finding the best candidates for the job can be an enormous challenge. The task is even greater if you lack key relationships and critical tools, such as access to insider networks and proprietary databases. Without these resources it can be extremely difficult to communicate and engage with executive level talent.

That’s why you need Business Cardinal for your Executive Search.




If you would love to engage us for this service, please call us on 08023200801 or request us to send you a proposal by email to hello@businesscardinal.com or complete our customer enquiry form for more details.


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